Rupali Coaching

For your well-being and quality of life

Individual online Coaching sessions

“The force within you is much stronger than any obstacle life throws at you.” (Confucio)

¡Hi! My name is Miriam Goldberg

I accompany people like you, who want to find themselves again with courage and strength to enjoy their life, instead of losing energy, fighting against worries and discomfort.

My search for a healthy lifestyle, to defeat a chronic autoimmune disease, has made me experience firsthand the many challenges that you may also be facing.

Would you like to talk to someone who understands you?

I'd love to help you ...

  • Silence that inner voice that whispers to you “i'm not enough…”

  • Break those chains that keep you from moving forward

  • That your body and mind stop fighting against each other, to regain their balance and harmony

  • Find that time and space that you need for yourself, without feeling guilty.

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Make decisions to live a healthier life.

  • Discover and enhance your strengths and capabilities that you already have

  • Activate yourself, with determination towards your goal.

What Coaching for wellness and quality of life?

Our life is full of responsibilities (work, family, etc.) self-demands … Generating anxiety and stress. Sometimes leading us to a state of emotional and physical discomfort.

We have so many things to do and so little time … Stopping and resting to become aware of what is happening to us is not always our first option.

Sometimes pain and illness are signs that we are not going in the right direction, and medications are not always the solution. Since they mainly treat the symptoms, but sometimes, not the source of the problem.

We are just looking for a little peace and normality, to smile again, to feel good about ourselves and to be happy. That’s not asking too much, is it?

We are unique and unrepeatable. That is why it is so important to draw up an individual plan. That adapts to your needs, proposing different alternatives: healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, developing healthy habits …

Thus, finding the balance between body and mind.

Coaching for wellness and quality of life is for you, if...

  • You feel like your body is preventing you from living the life you want.

  • You have decided the time has come to get rid of your burdens.

  • You want to enjoy the here and now, instead of worrying about what will or will not be.

  • You struggle to accept yourself and you want to get back your positive attitude...

  • You want to love yourself instead of criticizing yourself.

What will Coaching for wellness bring you?

Discover the red flags of your body and the resources to combat them.

The keys to taking care of yourself and improving your quality of life.

That compass that will guide you to your destination.

Thinking that it is possible to be Happy ... and believing that you deserve it.