Coaching Services

My vision of coaching

For me, being your Coach means helping you to find and strengthen those unique abilities and talents that you possess, and supporting you to use them overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from being the person you want to be, doing what passions you and living the life you want.

I will help you, asking you questions that allow you to find the answers you are looking for.

On the Coaching journey, you should bear in mind, that to achieve your goals, action is required. Once you met those goals you can enjoy the inner satisfaction of having accomplished them all by yourself.

You may not necessarily achieve them from one day to the next. Therefore, it is important to reward yourself and to celebrate each step you managed to advance and each success – even the smallest – that you are achieving in the process.

The fundamental thing about Coaching is to discover and to bring out your own best version of yourself.

My mission is...

… to accompany you to find those sources that you need to achieve an enduring well-being.

… to help you gain confidence in yourself and to learn to take advantage of all that potential that you have within you.

How are we going to do that...?

You and me, we are going to have individual sessions online, in an interactive process. Here you are the protagonist, defining your objectives and developing your action plan, that will lead you to success.

You will set the deadlines and the time frame for achieving your goals. I will listen to you without advancing my own point of view and without judgment.

The only perspective that matters here is: YOUR personal point of view!

Shall we start ...?

The greatest value for the success of coaching is the bond of mutual trust that will be build up between Coachee and Coach. For this, confidentiality and respect are essential, making us both feel comfortable.

I know it is not common to feel that trust from the first beginning, so I want to invite you to a free first session, without any obligation. So you can give it a try and experience for yourself.

Tell me something about you

How are you?
What are the challenges you are facing?
What makes you calm or feel good?
What do you want to achieve?
How did you get here?
What can I do for you?
When do you want to start?



I am probably at a point, like many other people, who have spent this year in confinement, lining in a big city. Like all those people who have lost their loved ones, moments, time, and ultimately, life by the pandemic.

Having defined a goal is probably as important as developing a habit, as finding its own center, as the energy, the motivation, as the composure to achieve that goal...

Miriam from her center and through her coaching sessions, full of serenity, helps me to continue moving forward, to focus my goals, to achieve them, but above all to enjoy that work process, enjoying it and living it.

Miriam with her coaching encourages me, helps me and accompanies me.

She is a HUGE Coach and she still has to accompany me a little more along the way.



During the lockdown, I lost my job and felt lost in searching for a new one. I was determined to not go back to where I was before but I did not know what I wanted and lost confidence in myself. During my sessions with Miriam, she helped me to bring perspective and calmness, so I could focus. I started to enjoy talking to companies and finally landed a job that ticks my boxes. Miriam is great at what she does and I can definitely recommend her coaching sessions 100% wherever your journey leads.



In this life our sole purpose in not to learn, but to connect with ourselves and others, life is based on people and relationships. The keys are love, time and death. Three abstract concepts that connect all human beings on this planet. All that we covet, all that we fear not to have or achieve, all those things that we end up buying, is because of our desire to and to be loved. The wish that we only had more time with our loved ones, and the fear of death. Love, time, death.

I did not really believe in the effectiveness of Coaching, basically because I’ve never tried it before, but thanks to Miriam, her integrity, kindness, professionalism, she really made me understand what Coaching consists of. With the help of Miriam, I have managed to believe more in myself, to set goals for myself and at the same time to achieve them. But above all to thank every second, minute and day with the people I love. I have learned that life is only one and pretty short and we have to live it.

Miriam you are a wonderful Coach, I have no words to thank you for all that we have achieved together. I want to thank you Miriam, and I hope I can have more coaching sessions with you.

Let's give a lot of love, let's take advantage of our time, and let's not be afraid of death.

Thanks Miriam.



I have been lucky that our paths crossed years ago and since then I have had the opportunity to learn a lot, in an informal way, from your experiences, your way of seeing life, your enormous respect and your wonderful habit of not judging ... among many other virtues ... since you are a true well of wisdom.

It was in April of this year that I got to know you in a professional way as a Coach. Coaching is a discipline that was completely unknown to me and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about it, until then.

Those were very interesting sessions, since you helped me to look inside myself and open my eyes to my inner potential. Your accompaniment was crucial to face fear, analyze my true desires and go fully towards my goal with the assurance that I had nothing to fear.

For these, for many more sessions in which I hope you will accompany me and, of course, for your friendship, I thank you Miriam.